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In The Moment

Things just got hot there for a moment or two... it happens!
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On My Back

How would you like to see me?
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Swedish Blue

Well, not quite, but here that would be a good title for a movie of mine, but I not too sure what color I would call this lingerie.
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A Free Hand

Well it seem you guys just like to see me naked, and I happy to assist there, I have a hand free, is there anything else I can do?
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A Reminder

Well. Sadly i still waiting, so I slipped back into be sexy Red Valentine's themed lingerie, I feel great in this red lingerie.
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Late Delivery

Did someone forget it Valentine's day, I was waiting on some new lingerie and it just hasn't arrived yet, so until it does... I can not model it it.
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Hitting the Gym

Time for me to hit the gym, but I thinking I look good in my Gym top.
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Plug it.

Well, hmm there not more than I can, the title says it all.
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Red Lingerie

Remember Valentine's is coming, to get you in the mood.
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In my PJs

Good Morning from me here at home in my Pajamas.
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